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Marriage takes time, effort, and dedication, and around half of marriages end in divorce.
Here, author Jennifer Still shares four ways that spending time apart from her partner has helped keep her marriage strong.

With divorce rates hovering around 40 to 50%, it feels a bit obvious to say that marriage is hard. Maintaining a long-term relationship takes time, effort, and dedication, and even then many couples still can’t make it work.

When I married my partner four years ago after being together for the six years, I knew we had a huge challenge ahead of us. Thankfully, it’s one we’ve managed to master thus far, and a large part of our success lies in one particular thing we make time for: spending time apart.

It’s worth mentioning that my partner and I were long-distance for much of our relationship, which meant that time apart wasn’t just a preference, it was an unfortunate circumstance that was often painful and stressful. However, that mandatory time not being in one another’s physical presence made taking time to do our own things once we were actually living together in the same place a pretty natural move.

Here’s why it works for us.

We can keep our own identities outside of the relationship

There’s nothing worse than couples who slowly meld into one person because they’re together 24/7 and have no separate hobbies, passions, or friends. Making sure to spend time apart allows us to do our own things, especially stuff the other person wouldn’t be into. For my partner, that includes watching reality TV, listening to musical artists that I’m not into, and visiting with her friends.

For me, it’s a lot of hanging out in local coffee shops, reading novels, and window shopping. By indulging our own interests, we remain two unique people with our own thoughts, opinions, and feelings rather than a homogeneous pair with a singular identity.

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We have more to talk about when we’re together

Whether it’s sharing something weird we saw on TV, talking about a book we’re reading, or relaying something weird that happened while we were out to lunch with one of our friends, hanging out without each other gives us so much more to talk about when we’re actually together.

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4 ways spending time apart from my partner made our relationship strong

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