Daily Harvest holiday cookies review

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Daily Harvest has gone from smoothies to soups to cookies, and I couldn’t be happier about it.
These aren’t the rich, decadent cookies that you associate with a sugar coma and an unsettled stomach, but rather a health-conscious approach to decadence.
Whether you eat the dough raw or bake them into bite-sized cookies, these are treats that you’ll want to treat yourself to every day, and thanks to their nutritional benefits, you actually can.

You should never feel bad about eating a cookie, but if you’re looking to feel better about it, then Daily Harvest can lend a helping hand. Until now, the superfood subscription seller has been filling our freezers with ready-to-blend smoothies, ready-to-heat soups and lattes, and most recently, ready-to-heat savory harvest bowls, but now, it’s adding the most important part of a meal — dessert.

Dubbed Holiday Cookies, these sweets are just as delicious as everything else Daily Harvest offers, and somehow, just as healthy. Really, I just wish they were bigger.

The cookies from Daily Harvest, like the other products from the trendy treat purveyor, don’t come to you entirely ready-made. Instead, you’ll receive small packets of frozen cookie dough, all of which are gluten-free, and made with plant-based ingredients. Be warned — if you’re hoping for a Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie, this isn’t it. But if you’re looking for the 21st-century answer to guilt-free dessert, then consider this your promised land.

The frozen dough arrives in a limited-edition gift box, and includes three boxes of 12 cookies for 36 total treats. There’s Chocolate Chia, an all-chocolate dessert that is meant to evoke memories of a fudge brownie. But instead of depending upon boatloads of butter and sugar, this cookie instead leverages avocado and cashew butter, along with chia seeds and — believe it or not — adaptogenic reishi mushroom in order to add a protein punch to your indulgence.

Of course, as much as you’d like a wholly healthy brownie to taste the same as the brownies of your childhood, the Chocolate Chia cookie won’t do quite that. While I was pleasantly surprised by the richness …read more

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I tried Daily Harvest’s new plant-based holiday cookies to see how they stack up to the real deal

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