Instagram is reportedly down for thousands of users across the world. Instagram issued a response saying that it’s working on correcting the problem.

Starting at approximately two in the afternoon, eastern time, Twitter users started to report widespread problems with the social media platform.

Now, thousands of people are currently turning to Twitter to search for answers within the #InstagramDown hashtag, but they seem to be coming up short.

Twitter Users React to #Instagram Down

Someone text me when Instagram is back up. I’ll just go dig a hole in the backyard or something. #instagramdown

— Josh Darnit (@JoshDarnit) November 9, 2018

instagram down ?
check twitter :

— sf (@softiesof) November 9, 2018

me running to twitter to see if Instagram is down #instagramdown

— wolfie (@dramabebee) November 9, 2018

Instagram: “couldn’t refresh feed”

Everyone else:#instagramdown

— TSE (@TSE_Official) November 8, 2018

Me posting my selfies on Twitter when #instagramdown

— Bshelko Music (@briannashelko18) November 9, 2018

Instagram: *Goes down yet again*
Me: Thank U, Next (but I still can’t quit you)

— Sam Brodsky (@sammybrods) November 9, 2018

Is Instagram down for anyone else?

— Jenni W (@jenniwmusic) November 9, 2018

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Is Instagram Down? It Appears to Be For Thousands of Users

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