SALT LAKE CITY — Proposition 4, the state’s anti-gerrymandering initiative, continues to walk a thin line between pass and fail as county officials release more vote tallies.

As of Friday morning, following the release of more totals from Utah County officials, the ballot initiative sat at 50.52 percent in support and 49.48 percent opposed. Just over 8,000 votes — out of more than 777,000 cast — separate the issue.

The percentages represent a tightening in the reported vote since late on Election Day, when support was about 1 percent higher.

The Proposition 4 campaign, Better Boundaries, told campaign staff in an email this week that the vote is “currently too close to call.”

The email said campaign leaders were “cautiously optimistic,” but that “it may take several days (if not longer) to have a real sense of how our race will end.”

“There are many ballots that need to be counted, including individuals who registered to vote for the first time on Election Day, mailed their ballots late on Monday, and/or voted provisionally at the polls,” the message said.

Proposition 4 organizers put it on the ballot as a mechanism by which to push back against a practice called gerrymandering, which is the manipulation of political boundaries to favor one party or candidate over another.

If passed, the initiative would establish a seven-member independent redistricting commission, appointed by elected officials in both major parties, to recommend political boundary adjustments reflecting population shifts in Utah shown by the once-per-decade federal census.

Tens of thousands of votes remain uncounted in the state, including in Salt Lake and Utah counties, the former being strongly in favor of Proposition 4 and the latter being heavily against it out of the votes counted so far.

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Source:: Deseret News – Utah News


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Utah’s redistricting proposal maintains narrow lead as counties update results

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