Chris Dawson has been arrested and charged with murdering his wife, Lynette Joy Dawson. She disappeared from their Australia home in 1982 and her body has never been recovered. She was 33 at the time.

But investigators took a fresh look at the cold case over the past three years. They reportedly found new evidence that pointed to 70-year-old Chris Dawson as a murder suspect.

Chris Dawson has been denied bail after being charged with the murder of his ex-wife Lynette, who disappeared on Sydney’s northern beaches 37 years ago.

— Sunrise (@sunriseon7) December 6, 2018

He was arrested in Queensland on December 5, 2018, and extradited to Sydney. A judge denied bail during a court appearance on December 6.

The disappearance of Lyn Dawson has recently attracted fascination worldwide. The Australian newspaper debuted a podcast on the unsolved murder back in May, called “Teacher’s Pet.” Tens of millions of listeners have tuned in to hear details of what caused the Dawsons’ marriage to fall apart in the early 1980s, and speculate about what could have happened to the young mother of two. The story begins with an affair.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Chris Dawson Had an Affair With a High School Student, Whom He Had Hired as a Babysitter

Chris Dawson was a professional rugby player in his younger days. After his athletic career came to a close, he went to work as a physical education teacher at Cromer High School in New South Wales, Australia, located about 13 miles north of Sydney.

A former student at the school more recently has come forward to allege that at least six teachers had affairs with students in the early 1980s. Robyn Wheeler appeared on the second episode of the “Teacher’s Pet” podcast, in which she accused her former school of doing nothing to prevent teachers from pursuing their students. She described Dawson as “a bit of a rock star because of his physical presence and also his reputation as a first-grade footballer.” Wheeler said the relationship between Dawson and 16-year-old Joanne Curtis was “common knowledge” at the school.

Dawson, who was 32 at the time, hired Curtis as a babysitter for his two young daughters. The two eventually began a sexual relationship. In October 1981, Dawson invited her to move in with the family in Bayview.

Curtis, now 54, has told previously told investigators …read more



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