Alyssa Zebrasky’s mugshot has gone viral following her arrest on shoplifting and drug possession charges in Youngstown, Ohio. The Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office said Zebrasky, 27, of Austintown, was arrested on December 5 at around 6:30 p.m. after she was stopped by police on suspicion of stealing a bag from a Walmart on Doral Drive. When officers conducted a search, they found Zebrasky in possession of crystal meth, a suboxone pill in addition to a hypodermic needle. Zebrasky also had an outstanding warrant in Austintown. The sheriff’s office says Zebrasky is facing charges of schedule 1 drug possession, schedule III drug possession, drug abuse instruments, failure to appear and theft. The Boardman Police Department had been called to the Walmart after an employee said she saw Zebrasky stealing a bag.

WFMJ reports that Zebrasky’s failure to appear warrant was related to a charge she is facing for obstruction of justice. The station says that Zebrasky had been arrested along with a man and, according to police, she began to fight the arresting officers. That incident occurred on November 19, WFMJ reported at the time. Officers said they noticed a Chevrolet Malibu running in the middle of the street at 4 a.m. When officers approached the car, it sped off, police said. After a short chase, the car turned into a home.

The man in question was named by WOIO as Logan Daugherty. The station says that Daughterty initially ran from officers and into a home and shut the door while Zebrasky waited on the front porch of the house. WFMJ, quoting from police sources, says that Zebrasky told them, “I am not moving. You’re going to have to get me.” Officers said that Zebrasky then walked towards them while claiming to hold a knife. Daughterty later told police that he ran because he needed to go to the bathroom.

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Face Tattooed Woman, Alyssa Zebrasky, Arrested on Drug Charges

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