There are a lot of different fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but Little Mac is one of the most demanding. A combatant that is terrible in the air but devastating in close quarters combat, a good Little Mac player can easily take over a fight. If you’re looking to add this boxer to your roster then there are a few ways to can unlock Little Mac.

The first method involves completing Classic Mode a grand total of four times. Certain characters are directly linked with other fighters, meaning you can only unlock this fighter after obtaining both Bayonetta and Sonic in Mario’s bracket. Once both of these fighters are unlocked, you can use Mario, Bayonetta, or Sonic to make Little Mac appear at the end of Classic Mode.

Another method is via just playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and finishing matches. Little Mac is the 20th fighter to appear, however, this number may change based on how many fighters you have already obtained. This is a slower method, but you will eventually be challenged by Little Mac after a match is finished.

Little Mac can also be obtained during the World of Light single-player campaign. He will appear near the edge of Lumoise City only after you finish the Power Plant Zone. This will open up a path to Little Mac, allowing you to challenge him and recruit this fighter to your cause.

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How to Unlock Little Mac in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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