Eddie Judge and Tamra Judge in the Hospital

When Tamra Judge isn’t on reality television exposing Shannon Beador’s secret boyfriend, she’s worrying about her husband.

Eddie Judge has a serious heart condition. He’s had surgeries for it and is scheduled to have more.

Tamra is at her wit’s end. She’s worried that her husband could drop dead at any moment.

Eddie Judge has already had seven heart surgeries in an attempt to deal with his heart condition, atrial fibrillation.

As Tamra Judge revealed to Andy Cohen during the taping of the second portion of the reunion special, her husband will need to undergo two more.

Sorry — at least two more heart surgeries.

RadarOnline reports that one one of those surgeries is right around the corner, and Tamra is losing her mind over it.

“Eddie will be having another surgery in the coming weeks,” the insider shares.

The source explains that the surgery’s purpose is “to close up a hole that was left in his heart after his most recent procedure.”

Every surgery is a risk, but so is this heart condition.

None of this is sitting well with Tamra.

“Tamra is scared to death that he is going to die,” the insider reveals.

This is an extremely natural fear.

One that we hope will not be realized.

This latest surgery didn’t dredge up Tamra’s worries out of the blue.

She’s had this concern since day one.

“She has been fearing this all along,” the insider shares.

“And she is trying to stay strong,” the source affirms.

The insider acknowledges: “but it’s very hard.”

“Just when she thinks that they fixed the problem,” the source characterizes. “He needs another operation.”

Recently, Tamra herself spoke on this topic.

“I have to stay strong,” she affirmed. “But I’m super scared because I’m just afraid what if? What if?”

“What if he has a heart attack?” she asks, for example. “He has a stroke?”

“All these things. Like the other day, he wouldn’t wake up,” she shares.

That sounds harrowing.

“His alarm was going off and he was just laying there so peaceful,” she characterizes.

Tamra continues: “I’m like, ‘Eddie!’ And he was just laying there. I’m like, ‘Oh my god, he died!’ I’m like, ‘Eddie!’ Like that.”

Tamra has spoken in the past about how she feels that Eddie’s body has betrayed him.

Eddie Judge is 45 years old, and will turn 46 in March of 2019.

Atrial fibrillation is a little surprising in someone his age.

Though the condition is considered “very common” in adults aged 41 to 60, it is …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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Tamra Judge: Wracked With Fear that Husband Eddie Will Die

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