Resident Evil 2 (remake)

Over 20 years ago, an iconic PlayStation game launched: “Resident Evil 2.”
In late January, that game is getting a majorly updated re-release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.
Besides looking significantly better, the remastered game is also updating the control system to feel more modern.

Over 20 years ago, in 1998, a blockbuster debut game on the PlayStation turned into a blockbuster franchise with the launch of “Resident Evil 2.”

Unlike the first game in Capcom’s horror franchise, “Resident Evil 2” took players out of the confines of a nightmare-ridden mansion and into the chaotic streets of Raccoon City. It introduced major new players in the franchise — both Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong — in addition to expanding the concept of what a horror game could be.

And now, in 2019, “Resident Evil 2” is getting gorgeously remastered for modern consoles.

Here’s the deal:

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The game is called “Resident Evil 2,” just like the original:

This isn’t a re-imagining or a spiritual sequel or whatever else — this is a direct remaster of the original “Resident Evil 2,” which launched in 1998 on the PlayStation 1. That means it’s the same game — with the same story, the same characters, and the same setting — albeit with dramatically improved visuals.

“Resident Evil 2” stars two main playable characters — here is Leon S. Kennedy, a rookie cop who’s struggling to figure out what’s going on in Raccoon City.

The other playable character is Claire Redfield — a woman from out of town who arrives in Raccoon City looking for her brother, Chris Redfield (who stars in the original “Resident Evil”).

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A gorgeous remake of a PlayStation gaming classic is almost here — and it looks incredible

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