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AT&T is introducing new data tools that allow advertisers to pull together set-top box data, stats from Turner and data from Xandr, its ad and analytics division.
Xandr wants other networks and publishers to adopt its technology, including Open A.P., a consortium between Viacom, Turner, NBCUniversal and Fox that lets advertisers create cross-network targeting segments.
However, both NBCUniversal and Viacom have their own data tools for advertisers.
Buyers say they want to see networks work together on more long-term efforts like measurement and attribution.

When AT&T’s acquired Time Warner’s properties including Turner, HBO and Warner Bros., the media giant promised advertisers access to troves of valuable telecom data to target and measure TV ads like they do with digital ads on Facebook and Google.

For decades, TV advertisers have bought advertising through upfront, negotiated deals. In turn, networks have pitched advertisers on specific programming and shows, promising them prominent placements within premium content. But a rise in cord-cutting and concerns about how effective TV advertising is for driving sales has some marketers concerned that the TV industry cannot keep pace with changes in how digital ads are purchased and targeted with sophisticated technology.

Now, advertisers are starting to get a peek at AT&T’s lofty goal of shaking up TV advertising, specifically when it comes to matching up AT&T’s first-party set-top box data, Turner’s own audience demographic data, and Xandr, AT&T’s new advertising and analytics division.

“Clients are coming to us and choosing the audience targets that they would like to buy on Turner across our entire portfolio,” Donna Speciale, president of Turner ad sales, told Business Insider.

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AT&T is rolling out a few new ways for advertisers to buy and eventually measure TV ads:

Advertisers can pull data from AT&T’s 40 million set-top boxes and Xandr’s mobile data to set up audience segments (like people in the market for a car or horror movie buffs) for TV ad targeting.
Xandr’s first-party data can be plugged into Turner’s digital advertising on its sites like CNN and Bleacher Report.
Branded content campaigns purchased with Turner can be distributed across Xandr’s addressable TV market to more than 15 million homes.
AT&T wants to speed up how long it takes advertisers to run targeted-TV ads

One of the challenges with running targeted TV campaigns …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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AT&T is finally revealing its new tools to reinvent the way TV ads are sold — but it needs other networks to play along

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