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Not all beds in boxes were created equal, and here to prove that is the DreamCloud, the luxury option you and your insomnia have been waiting for.
This mattress is nothing like the foam-only options that you’ve seen from rival companies in the past.
Rather, with eight layers (featuring one with micro-coils and another with cooling gel-infused memory foam), this is the mattress you thought you had to go to a mattress store to find.
It’s not cheap, but when compared to other luxury mattresses on the market, it’s still a great price.

I thought I’d slept on every bed in a box in the land. I had unrolled and awaited re-flation of so many mattresses that I thought nothing short of a bonus kitten in a box could surprise me.

This isn’t to say that there wasn’t some variation among the many different brands currently crowding the space. Some are better for side sleepers; some are better for athletes; some really hang their hat on being prettier than the rest (though, please, for sanitation’s sake, don’t sleep on your mattress sans sheets). But when it came down to it, the standard deviation in the bed-in-a-box set just wasn’t that large. That is, until the DreamCloud came my way.

Let it be known that it is, in fact, the case that not all beds delivered to your doorstep are created equal. And the DreamCloud really wants to prove that (and itself) to you. It’s unclear whether the “dream” or the “cloud” aspect applies best to the mattress — it’s certainly comfortable enough for you to begin dreaming almost instantly, and while I’ve never slept on a cloud, I imagine that if they felt the way they looked and weren’t just unsupportive piles of condensation, they’d feel a lot like this mattress.

The DreamCloud manages to differentiate itself first and foremost with its eight-layer hybrid construction, which features a combination of gel-infused memory foam, natural latex, and most importantly, a patent-pending coil technology that somehow survives being rolled up and shipped from a warehouse to your front door. And because the DreamCloud boasts eight full …read more

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Not all beds in boxes were created equal, and here to prove that is the DreamCloud — I slept on the mattress and loved it

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