Ford’s back and stirring the pot

Re: I’m back so let’s cut the crap about separation, Opinion, Jan. 9

I didn’t read any “crap” about separation but did read crap about civil disobedience. “A little bit of civil disobedience …” is like being a little bit pregnant. A border closure or blockade will do nothing but create havoc, confusion and harm. It will bring out individuals that wait for opportunities to create damage in the name of a cause they know nothing about. Any attempts to control such situations often provide another opportunity for media and others to criticize our police and fuel the fire.

At least Brett Wilson’s comments can lead to a discussion to identify issues and design solutions. I’m afraid your comments are far from silly. Asinine is a better description.

Don Chudzy, Calgary

Finding a new favourite

I moved back to Alberta in 2005 so I am not familiar with Catherine Ford. From what I read today, she is my new favourite columnist. Smart, correct and witty, just the way I like them.

Rob Butler, Cochrane

Millennials do understand the crisis at hand

The return of Catherine Ford and Danielle Smith to the Herald editorial pages is very much appreciated. Ms. Ford is, of course, dead wrong on every point.

Just because millennials and pre-millennials may be a bit vague on our history and our Constitution doesn’t mean that Alberta’s grievances aren’t real. NEP — failed (thankfully), the West Wants In — failed, EEE Senate — failed, a Calgary prime minister — failed, Quebec’s threat of separation to negotiate a better deal — success. What’s wrong with this picture?

The irony is the millennial cohorts are the ones most affected by this current crisis. They have the highest unemployment rates and the bleakest career futures. And they understand it.

Brett Wilson should start a separation party, even if vote-splitting means more NDPs get elected. If a separatist Alberta party holds the balance of power a sizable popular vote that should stop the snickering out East and give Jason Kenney even more legitimacy to negotiate hard with the federal government.

William D. Marriott, Calgary

Glad to see return of columnist


Am so glad to see Ms. Ford has returned to the Calgary Herald. She’s a breath of fresh air, and I was sorry when she decided to retire. Welcome back!

Wendie Krysak, Airdrie

AHS hypocritical for refusing donation

Re: AHS refuses $6,000 donation from cannabis club, Jan. 8

We are dismayed …read more



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