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Blac Chyna has put three of her loved ones on blast.

Although, based on what Chyna says in the video below, we wonder whether she’d even refer to these people as loved ones anymore.

In an emotional and anger-filled Instagram rant, Chyna put Rob Kardashian, Tyga and even her very own mother on blast yesterday, standing up for herself as a parent and slamming anyone who has recently labeled her as unfit to serve in this role.

(For the record, Chyna’s mom and her second baby daddy have both said this of late.)

“Ya know what’s so wild to me is that I never asked Tyga for child support, Rob for child support or whatever and then we just went to court, or whatnot, and I tried to squash it, which I did,” the model says in this video.

“But none of that comes out. It’s only negative sh-t with Chyna, Angela White,” she added, referring to her real name.

Chyna eventually deleted this post, but nothing ever goes away on the Internet and we’ve shared it with readers here:

Blac Chyna Curses Off All Her Haters

Blac Chyna has been the subject of many negative articles over the past few weeks.

She’s been accused of neglecting her daughter, Dream, after taking a vacation with her latest boyfriend and never telling Rob that she was going away.

She then went ahead and got into a major fight with this boyfriend.

According to various sources, Rob is planning to file for full custody of the former couple’s child as a result of incidents such as this.

Continued Chyna in her diatribe:

“We went to court mediation and sh-t and I squashed it ‘cause I never wanted no money from Rob, ‘cause it was never about that, period,” she says her of her ex, prior to dragging Tyga into the controversy:

“I have kids by two guys that f-cking tricked me, whatever, and they don’t give me sh-t, no child support and I’m sick of that sh-t.”

(Chyna and Tyga are the parents of a six-year old boy named King.)

The businesswoman/model said she is “living her best f-cking life,” explainign that that neither of her exes assisted her in her rise to fame.

“Rob didn’t help me, Tyga ain’t help me, Toni ain’t help me, but like try to like, smack me down, period, and I’m just letting y’all know this, all this s–t, I built BY MYSELF,” Chyna continued.

One could find some fault in …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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Blac Chyna: F-ck Rob Kardashian, Tyga and My Mom!

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