The Division 2 Best Beginner Perks

Game: The Division 2
Consoles: Xbox One, PS4, PC (Reviewed)
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Massive Entertainment
(A review copy of The Division 2 was supplied by the publisher)

When it comes to loot-based action/RPGs many have suffered from an unremarkable launch. Whether it’s because of a minimal endgame, lack of loot, or engaging progression system, most take nearly a year to fully shown their potential. Enter Massive Entertainment’s The Division 2, the follow up 2016’s The Division. Despite a few issues so far, The Division 2 stands above the original in every conceivable way.

(Author’s Note: At the time of writing this we have not completely finished The Division 2. This is a very long game and we want to make sure to experience the endgame content before adding a final score.)

Set in Washington D.C. months after a deadly virus wiped out most of the United States, players assume the role of a special soldier known as a Division Agent. Tasked with helping rebuild and reestablish order in the ruins of D.C., users will need to contend with three different enemy factions if they want to succeed. What follows is roughly a 25-30 hour campaign spread across a 1:1 recreation of this iconic city.

Traversing through a ruined Washington D.C. may be one of the surrealist experiences I’ve had in a video game. The sheer level of detail and work put into bringing this world to life cannot be overlooked. Every alleyway, monument, and building is painstakingly detailed down to the wild animals running through the streets. It’s difficult not to become immediately immersed once The Division 2 lets you off its leash.

Some of this is thanks to the fantastic lighting and visual effects peppered throughout. From the warm rays of the sun to the deafening crash of rain, The Division 2’s world feels alive and reactive. Yet, this is sometimes more than just graphical flourishes, as thick fog can blind both and your enemies. There appears to be no set pattern to the weather, which helps craft some truly memorable and organic gameplay moments.

However, most of your missions will take place indoors and Massive Entertainment delivers a surprising amount of unique locations to battle in. From museums to monuments to secret, underground labs The Division 2 gives its players an all-access tour of D.C.’s most iconic locations. This relieves a sense of familiarity to the gameplay loop, allowing each mission to feel wholly unique. My personal favorite …read more



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