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More than 250 journalists were imprisoned around the world last year, and at least 53 journalists were killed on the job — making 2018 the deadliest year for the press in the past three years, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Those stark numbers have fueled calls for stronger protections for journalists and their work. TIME has partnered with a dozen leading news organizations — including Reuters, the Associated Press, Forbes and HuffPost— to launch the One Free Press Coalition with the goal of promoting press freedom around the world.

“TIME is proud to stand with the One Free Press Coalition and journalists all over the world who are taking great risks in pursuit of greater truths,” said TIME Editor in Chief and CEO Edward Felsenthal.

On Friday, the coalition released its first-ever 10 Most Urgent list, identifying 10 journalists around the world who represent the most severe examples of abuses to press freedom or cases of injustice.

TIME named The Guardians the 2018 Person of the Year, recognizing four journalists and one news organization for their work in the face of threats. Two of those journalists, Maria Ressa and Jamal Khashoggi, now appear on the 10 Most Urgent list, which will be updated each month.

Read about their cases here:

Maria Ressa and Rappler (Philippines): Arrest and legal threats for the critical media outlet and its editor.

National Bureau of Investigation officers arrested Ressa at Rappler on Feb. 1 over a cyber libel case filed against her by the Justice Department. She was released the next day, but Rappler faces separate retaliatory tax charges. CPJ and First Look Media are partners in a legal defense fund for journalists, of which Ressa and Rappler are the first recipients.

Jamal Khashoggi (Saudi Arabia): Justice denied for murdered Saudi journalist.

Nearly five months after his brutal murder at the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul, and despite findings from the CIA that point to the Saudi crown prince’s involvement, there has been no independent UN criminal investigation. Calls for the White House to release intelligence reports have gone unheeded, along with a deadline to reply to Congress as required under the U.S.

Source:: Time – World


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These Are the 10 Journalists Facing the ‘Most Urgent’ Threats to Press Freedom Around the World

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