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Tiger Woods’ girlfriend Erica Herman has been a huge supporter of his career over the past few years. Herman has been cheering Woods on from the gallery at just about every tournament he has played in since the two started dating. She was at the 2018 Ryder Cup, The Match: Tiger vs. Phil, as well as last year’s The Tour Championship, to name a few.

It’s unclear exactly how long Woods and Herman have been dating, but they were first spotted out and about together in 2017.

This weekend, Woods is playing in the Masters. Although Herman hasn’t been spotted just yet, she will more than likely be heading to Augusta National Golf Club this weekend. If Woods wins, you can expect to see some major PDA between the two on Sunday.

Here’s what you need to know:

Woods & Herman Shared a Kiss After He Won the Tour Championship in 2018

Tiger Woods seals victory with ‘love you’ and kiss for girlfriend https://t.co/GSiGKrWrTY pic.twitter.com/ocZECK5PeG

— Page Six (@PageSix) September 25, 2018

Woods and Herman shared a victory kiss after he won The Tour Championship last September.

The couple locked lips after Woods’ emotional post-match interview. On his way to the clubhouse, Woods met up with Herman, who flung her arms around his neck and shared a lengthy embrace as well as an “I love you.” The two then locked lips before Woods continued on to the clubhouse.

The moment shared between Woods and Herman quickly went viral — and not just because people wanted to watch Woods having a romantic moment. Just about everyone was curious to know more about the woman who had stolen Woods’ heart. Herman, 34, worked as the manager of Woods’ Florida-based restaurant called The Woods.

The couple is thought to be serious but Woods doesn’t have plans to remarry, according to a source.

“No one has signed any paperwork. It’s not like they’re pledging their lives to each other. But she’s really nice and Tiger likes her. Tiger doesn’t like to be alone… But he doesn’t like to settle. Not anymore. So when he’s with someone, he really needs to be into her,” a source previously told People Magazin.

She Was Most Recently Spotted With Him at a Press Event for the President’s Cup in December

Woods was most recently spotted in public with Woods at a Presidents Cup media opportunity at the Yarra Promenade in …read more

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Tiger Woods’ Girlfriend Erica Herman Is a Huge Supporter of His Career

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