The final season of Game of Thrones premiered last night, and the episode included may long-awaited reunions between the show’s main characters. In such a dialogue-heavy episode, it is not surprising that the premiere episode, entitled “Winterfell,” featured notable quotes and quotable moments.

Beware of season 8 episode 1 spoilers below.

As Jon, Daenerys, the Unsullied, her two remaining dragons, and their advisors arrived in Winterfell, Tyrion Lannister gave the first line of the season, addressing Varys from the comfort of their horse-drawn carriage with a very on-brand zinger: “You should consider yourself lucky. At least your balls won’t freeze off.” Varys countered, asking “You take great offense to dwarf jokes, but love telling eunuch jokes. Why is that?” Tyrion’s response? “Because I have balls, and you don’t.”

In the Great Hall, as tensions rose between Jon, Dany, Sansa, Tyrion, and the Northern Houses who did not agree to a Southern Queen, Sansa stepped in to ask Tyrion “How are we meant to feed the greatest army the world has ever seen? While I ensured our stores would last through Winter, I didn’t account for Dothraki, Unsullied, and two full-grown dragons. What do dragons eat, anyway?” Throwing full shade Sansa’s way, Dany replied: “Whatever they want.”

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Game of Thrones Season 8 Premiere Episode Notable Quotes

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