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We ask some of the top venture investors to recommend up-and-coming US-based fintechs with one catch: They couldn’t suggest companies in their own portfolios.
We got a wide range of answers, but one common theme was startups that cater to the underserved or unbanked.

Talk to any venture investor long enough and it’s likely they’ll eventually pitch you on a startup in their portfolio. It’s natural for them to want to push companies they’re financially tied to and have already thrown their support behind.

So when Business Insider reached out to some of the top venture capital firms to get their recommendations on the hottest up-and-coming US-based fintechs, there was one one caveat: They couldn’t have invested in them.

More than a half dozen VC agreed to participate. Their responses included a wide range of fintechs, but one consistent theme across many of the startups was their focus on the underserved and unbanked.

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Fintechs see the opportunity in using innovative technology to assist those who have been largely overlooked, or taken advantage of, by traditional financial players.

Here are up-and-coming fintechs VCs recommended.


Startup: Intrinio

Cited by: DRW

Total raised: $2.6 million

What it does: Intrinio offers a la carte access to financial data for developers and analysts looking for an alternative option to traditional data providers’ expensive bundled data sets.

Why it’s hot: “Basic users don’t want to pay for more data than they need, and specialized users are underserved by one-size-fits-all platforms,” said Kimberly Trautmann, head of DRW Venture Capital. “Intrinio is interesting because they are providing tools for startups and enterprises building a new generation of financial technology applications.”


Startup: Propel

Cited by: Index Ventures

Total raised: $18 million

What it does: Propel takes on the $70 billion food stamp program that touches 45 million Americans. The mobile application allows users to better manage their food stamps and stay within their budgets when food shopping.

Why it’s hot: “Both a good thing for the world, and an extremely fast-growing company,” said Mark Goldberg, a partner at Index Ventures. “Game-changer for people who need it.”


Startup: Ribbon

Cited by: Sapphire Ventures

Total raised: $225 million

What it does: Ribbon tackles the home-buying experience, giving customers the ability to buy a house while they are still securing a mortgage or selling their own home. The startup, which is headquartered in New York and …read more

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We asked some of the top VCs to pitch us on up-and-coming fintechs with one big catch. Here are the 12 they came up with.

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