Best Fiends – Puzzle Adventure is quite the entertaining match-three puzzler!

The game combines elements of match-three puzzling with light RPG mechanics. As you make your way through each stage with your helpful fiends in tow, you’ll unlock even more powerful ones to add to your growing army. Getting past this mobile puzzler’s list of 100+ stages means you’ll need to grasp both its beginner and advanced tactics. Luckily, we’re here to provide you with a guide on how to get past every stage with as little difficulty as possible. You and your fiends should listen to us – we’re the masters of our match-three puzzle matching craft!

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Best Fiends – Puzzle Adventure:

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1. Go For the Longest Puzzle Piece Matches!


• Best Fiends – Puzzle Adventure throws a whole bunch of varied stage goals your way. Sometimes, they’ll be as simple as knocking down enemy fiends, collecting apples, or matching a certain number of puzzle pieces together. These missions tend to come in the form of more challenging stages when you have to complete one of each goal at once while being presented with obstacles that may hinder your progress at first.

• Clearing said obstacles, helping activate your current fiend lineup’s special puzzle pieces, and getting other pieces off the board means you’ll need to make three-piece matches. But sometimes, you should go bigger when you spot a +3 puzzle piece match. Tap on a puzzle piece and complete the sort of matches that clear off five, six, or even seven pieces off the board. Try to go for the longest possible matches during every sort of stage challenge. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t activate three-piece matches at all – they still come in handy for getting close to finishing each stage goal.

2. Focus on Completing Each Stage Goal with Plenty of Moves Left Over by the Time it Ends


• Now we already made it clear that there’s all sorts of stage objectives that you need to get past in order to keep moving up the game map. Your main priority during every stage is to complete the objective at hand as quickly as possible. You’re only allotted a certain number of moves during each stage playthrough – it’s always wise …read more



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5 Best Fiends – Puzzle Adventure Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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