Madalyn Parker, a web developer in Ann Arbor, MI, made headlines last month after she shared a screenshot of an email she sent to her colleagues about taking a few sick days.

“I’m taking today and tomorrow to focus on my mental health,” she wrote. “Hopefully I’ll be back next week refreshed and back to 100%.”

Ben Congleton, her boss and the CEO of the software company, Olark, replied: “I wanted to personally thank you for sending emails like this. Every time you do, I use it as a reminder of the importance of using sick days for mental health — I can’t believe this is not standard practice at all organizations.”

Calling in Sick Can Be Complicated

Congleton is right — most companies are lightyears away from embracing candid asks from employees when it comes to sick days, for mental health or otherwise.

Americans are terrible at taking vacation days for a variety of reasons. Some can’t afford to take the days off; others are too scared to ask and want to look driven; and still others feel like they have way too much work to get done. However, asking for a day off when you’re sick can be harder to put off .

Federal law does not mandate paid sick leave, so it depends on where you live if you’re eligible for the benefit. Some companies are beholden to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) (which doesn’t only apply to parents, FYI!), and only a handful of states have approved paid family sick leave policies. Still, if you’re able to take some much-needed time off to take care of yourself, there are a few basic things you can do to ensure the ask goes as smoothly as possible.

“Working from home, personal time off, unlimited vacation — all these perks only work if we trust our employees to use them responsibly, and the same goes for sick time,” says Sanji Moore, the general manager at Praytell, a digital public relations agency based in Brooklyn, NY. Moore says employees are expected to follow a few basic rules.

Clearly communicate with your team

Tell their teams they need time off as soon as they decide they can’t come to work. Also make sure to flag anything that needs to get done immediately so no ends are untied. Share any information their teams need to handle those tasks in their absence.

Communication is key …read more

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How To Call In Sick When You Can’t Possibly Go To Work

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