Russ Mayfield and Paola Mayfield, Car Selfie

90 Day Fiance fans absolutely love Paola Mayfield, which is why they feel so disappointed when she’s wrong. But that’s pretty rare.

Tuesday was Pao’s 31st birthday, and her husband, Russ, posted an amazing tribute to her to mark the occassion.

Paola made a post of her own in a sweet and selfless post that had fans falling over themselves with admiration.

On Tuesday, Russ Mayfield took to Instagram to sing his wife’s praises.

“A super happy birthday to my wife!” Russ begins.

“As crazy and complicated our life gets,” he writes. “I wouldn’t trade what we have para nada!”

That means for anything.

“It’s an amazing feeling having you by my side,” Russ gushes.

“And,” he praises. “It’s your love that gets me through the good time and the bad.”

Russ shared this lovely family photo.

“I have all I have ever needed in life,” Russ announces.

Russ explained that he feels so content “because I have you and your love.”

‘Te amo con todo mi corazón,” Russ concludes.

That last bit means I love you with all of my heart.

Paola shared a photo of her own, featuring her and baby Axel.

“Happy birthday to me!” Paola proclaims.

“Mi vida,” she writes, addressing her infant son. “You have been the best gift to me.”

She calls Axel my life because he is the center of her world.

“You are the best gift I have ever wanted,” Paola raves.

She continues to extoll her baby’s virtues.

“You are my happiness,” Pao affirms.

“And,” she confesses, her four-month-old son is “what my heart always desired!”

“I love you,” Pao concludes. “My little boy!”

That is such a nice tribute — especially considering that Paola chose to make her birthday all about her precious son.

Cynically speaking, you could say that Paola found a selfless way to remind her fans that it’s her birthday.

Not everyone who follows her also follows Russ.

We mean zero offense to Russ, who’s a good-looking guy, when we say that his fitness model wife posts more thirst traps than he does.

When you’re a fitness model, one who’s been featured in Maxim contests and who often posts bikini pics, being hot is part of the job.

And though Pao just gave birth a few months ago and has had her body altered forever by her pregnancy, she is still incredibly gorgeous.

Notably, she at one point lamented on Twitter that her 32nd birthday was also unpleasant.

“F–king worst birthday,” she wrote without explanation.

Fan condolences poured in, but Pao did …read more

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Paola Mayfield Praised in Glowing Birthday Tribute by Russ

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