Bianca D’Alfonso and Nick Zwygart have been widely identified as the Palos Verdes High School students who shared their racist promposal on social media.

In the sign created by Zwygart used to ask D’Alfonso the Los Angeles County public school prom, letters spelling out ni**ers were highlighted and bolded so the word would be clearly visible.

The PVHS principal said the racism depicted is isolated and not representative of the school. And said the n-word was “slang” for African-Americans.

D’Alfonso and Zwygart have since shuttered or set to private most of their previously public social media accounts. Heavy was able to screenshot numerous images before accounts were shut down.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. ‘BiaNca You Are RacIst But I Would Give Anything for You to Go With ME to PRom’

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This is beyond disgusting. It was brought to my attention 2 PV high School students were involved, participated, and made an extremely racist prom proposal poster. I’m disgusted how these kids laughing in the picture about a term that was rooted from a time where my ancestors were beaten, abused, had no rights, and where slaves. Racist terms should never be used lightly and in any manner like this. I am here today reading, going to school, free because my ancestors fought for me strangers I will never know, fought for me. It is 2019 why do I still have to see things like this in society. It honestly breaks my heart. My ancestors fought for me and now as an African American women ima continue that fight for the next generation. This is unexpectable. @pvhs_seakings what are u going to do about this cause I don’t want to see this in my community a town I live in. #pvhigh #explorepage #explore

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The sign reads, “BiaNca you are racIst but I would Give anything for you to Go with mE to pRom.” The letters spelling out ni**ers were highlighted and bolded so the word would be visible.

Posted by the students to Insatgram, the post was removed but not before it was seen and shared. An African-American female resident of Palos Verdes shared the image, and her …read more



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