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With Destiny 2’s next season only a few weeks away, it’s time to start preparing for the Crown of Sorrows raid which will release on June 4. Starting at a recommended power of 715 Light, players will need to quickly grind if they want a chance at participating in the race to beat this raid first. With all Last Wish and Scourge of the Past disabled, until this new raid is beaten, you’ll need to rapidly earn Powerful Engrams to raise your Light level.

Keep in mind, Bungie will not let you use Powerful Bounties that were earned during Season of the Drifter to raise your Light past 700. Any bounty obtained prior to the Season of Opulence will only go to a max light of 700 Light. This is meant to even the playing field for those who are unable to grind for bounties before the new batch of content drops.

Below are our recommendations for hitting 715 for the Crown of Sorrow raid in Destiny 2.

1. Hit 700 Light On Three Characters

One of the best tactics for quickly raising your Light is by using three max level characters. While armor cannot be transferred between characters, weapons are free to be equipped across all three Guardians. You can use this to give two of your Guardians a Light boost before you even begin grinding Powerful Engrams!

When the Season of Opulence starts, complete as many of the Powerful Bounties on one character as possible. Once you run out, transfer your highest Light guns to the next level 700 Guardian. This will raise their starting Light while leaving you a bunch of bounties and challenges left to complete. Now begin leveling the second Guardian until you run out of engrams to obtain. Repeat the process one final time with your third character, which will have the highest starting Light of all three if you managed to get a bunch of Powerful weapons.

Doing this allows you to have Powerful Engrams drop at a higher Light with each successive Guardian. Just make sure the last one is your favorite!

2. Prioritize the Right Bounties & Challenges

There are a lot of ways to farm Powerful Engrams, which can be a bit daunting for those wanting to go as fast as possible. Because of this, we suggest you prioritize the right bounties and challenges. However, before the season begins we recommend storing a bunch of completed daily …read more



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How to Hit 715 Light for the Crown of Sorrow in Destiny 2

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