Tyler, The Creator has been teasing fans with the release of his new album IGOR. The album is set to come out at midnight EST on Friday, and while there’s been little information made available, Tyler has treated fans to a handful of songs snippets and leaks. We’ve assembled all of them below, along with information on who is featured on each respective track.

‘IGOR’s Theme’

Tyler has released several visual teasers for the album so far, and the first one was fittingly titled “IGOR’s Theme.” The track open with several seconds of feedback, before shifting into a hard-hitting drum beat. It’s unclear whether the final version will have lyrics, or whether “IGOR’s Theme” will be an instrumental, similar to the tracks “November” and “Enjoy Right Now, Today” off 2017’s Flower Boy.


The snippet for “WHATSGOOD” has a fuzzed-out, rock edge that pulls heavily from N.E.R.D. and the more experimental work of the Neptunes, who Tyler has cited as major influences. Tyler even worked with N.E.R.D. frontman Pharrell Williams on the 2013 track “IFHY.”

In the video, Tyler wears a red and white suit and raps in front of a talk show set. “Let’s go, let’s go, why you playin’ around?/ Nose red, nose red, you n***as is clowns/ N***as turnin’ it up but I’m tearin’ it down/ Want to believe in God when there aren’t no mirrors around,” he spits.

‘A Boy Is a Gun’

The second IGOR leak is believed to be titled “A Boy Is a Gun.” The track has lush, soulful production, meshing the styles of Kanye West’s early work with the more layered sound that Tyler perfected on Flower Boy. Tyler was recently spotted at one of West’s Sunday Service performances, so its possible he’s drawing a direct influence from West albums like The College Dropout, or perhaps the more sparse Ye.

Tyler did tell Billboard that that Ye track “Violent Crimes” make him choke up due to its sonic beauty. “Those chords, like, I can’t explain what they do to me,” he said. “But it was a thing that [it] did that I just felt in my f**king body.” In the video that accompanies “A Boy Is a Gun”, Tyler can be seen climbing a huge ladder. He has bleached hair, similar to his appearance on the IGOR album cover.

‘New Magic Wand’ featuring Santigold

The most recent snippet off the IGOR album was “New Magic Wand.” The track …read more

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