Porsche may have brought back its legendary 935 as an extremely limited-run 700-horsepower turbocharged track toy, but it still feels like the original 935 doesn’t get enough credit for looking fabulous. We Porsche nerds are out here re-hashing the same 917 liveries for the trillionth time while the 935’s bright, angular 1970s and 1980s looks largely remain ignored.

Finally, Porsche righted this historic wrong by reimagining some of the 935’s original liveries on its new throwback model. Porsche unveiled a series of classic liveries for the 935 including two of the 917 looks you’d expect, but five others that call back to the original 935 race car.

This isn’t a mere photoshop job, either-Porsche’s design team worked with the new 935’s designer Grant Larson to reimagine how these old-school looks could work on the car, as Larson explains in Thursday’s release:

We have reinterpreted the various racing eras of the 935 using computer design programs, initially orientating ourselves geometrically on the design of the Martini racing version. However, we had to recreate all graphical data using virtual reality and finally apply it to the outer skin of the 935. That was very exciting in itself.

The goal was to make every possible livery for the new 935 look as spectacular as the Martini stripes it debuted in at Rennsport Reunion last year. Here’s what they came up with and why we love these looks so much.

One of the most famous 935s wore neat blue stripes over a white body and was sponsored by Sachs. Dick Barbour got their 935 K3 from Team Kremer Racing shortly before the 1979 24 Hours of Le Mans, and then proceeded to claw up to the lead of the race with teammates Brian Redman and John Fitzpatrick. Their lead ended with heavy rain, but it was still an impressive showing for the outfit.

Porsche may be famous for the Pink Pig 917, but the sleek 935 was better suited for its black Interscope livery’s bacon strip. The original 935 in this livery won the 1981 24 Hours of Daytona with Brian Redman and Bob Garretson behind the wheel.

Momo founder Gianpiero Moretti drove a bright red and yellow 935 around the world back in the day, claiming his first victory in 1979.

Easily my favorite livery of the 935 era was the Vaillant-sponsored Team Kremer variant, and only in part because Vaillant added a bunny …read more

Source:: Daily Times


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New Porsche 935 Track Car Looks Mighty Fine in These Classic Racing Liveries

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