The second operator for Rainbow Six: Siege’s Operation Phantom Sight content drop has been unveiled. Named Collinn “Warden” McKinley, this is a defense operator that’s from the United States of America. A former Marine, Warden serves as a member of the Secret Service where an attack inspired the gadget he will be bringing into the game.

Called the Glance Smart Glasses, these optics appear to let Warden see his opponents through the walls. Given how important positioning and the element of surprise is in Rainbow Six: Siege, this could be a very powerful skill. You can see this gadget teased in the reveal teaser that was released earlier today. However, how long the glasses work and if there are any downsides is still unknown.

Warden is the second Operator announced for Rainbow Six: Siege this week, with the mysterious Nokk teased yesterday. For the unfamiliar, Nokk specializes in stealth and possess a gadget that allows her to become translucent. But, like the Glance Smart Glasses, Ubisoft Montreal has kept players in the dark. In addition to these two Operators, players will also get to experience a reworked version of the Kafe map. Boasting new layouts, stairs, and a skylight, it will be intriguing to see how players adapt to the new changes.

If you want to see the full reveal of both Warden and Nokk, make sure to tune into the Pro League Finals on May 19.

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Rainbow Six Siege’s Stylish Operator Warden Revealed

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