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Jamie Rathburn, 34, is a South Carolina mother who was arrested after police said she entered her child’s school without permission and yelled at a group of third-graders to stop bullying her son.

The incident occurred at Greenbrier Elementary School in Greenville County on May 17, 2019. She was arrested three days later and faces a misdeameanor charge. Rathburn has since apologized for the incident but told the Greenville News that she is still concerned about her son being bullied and is considering homeschooling her two children.

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1. Arrest Report: Jamie Rathburn Yelled at Young Children in the Hallway of the Elementary School & Pointed Her Finger in a ‘Threatening Manner’

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Jamie Rathburn was a frequent visitor to Greenbrier Elementary School because she volunteered as a “class mom”, according to the Greenville News. But on May 17, 2019, she went to the school for a different reason. Rathburn said she was protecting her child from bullies.

According to the arrest report provided to Heavy by the Greenville County Sheriff’s office, Rathburn entered the school “without permission or authorization.” Non-students are reportedly required to check in at the front door. Deputy Jared Skinner wrote that surveillance video from the school showed Rathburn approached a group of third-graders in the hallway and pointing her finger at them in a “threatening manner.”

Three witnesses told the deputy that Rathburn was yelling at the children. The report states that Rathburn also “used profanity while inside the school directly towards one specific teacher.”

Rathburn walked out after confronting the children and posted a video to Facebook that same day about what had happened. The video has since been taken down, but according to the Greenville News, Rathburn admitted that she had “snuck into the school” and told a group of students to stop bullying her son.

Rathburn explained to the newspaper that her son had allegedly been bullied for several months. She said she spoke with his teacher and school administrators about it, and became angry when she felt the school wasn’t doing enough to protect her son.

2. Rathburn Was Arrested Three Days After Entering the School Without Permission

The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office began investigating after they received a tip about the aforementioned Facebook video, in which Rathburn reportedly admitted to having “snuck” into the school to confront children about bullying her son.

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