Desperate mother CURES her seven-year-old daughter’s deadly peanut allergy with a ‘simple’ treatment in the United States – and pleads for it to be available in Australia
A family went to the US for treatment for a seven-year-old with deadly allergies
Zalia Sly received oral immunotherapy which cured her severe peanut allergy
It was done by measuring out peanut powder, and mixing it in a water syringe
Her mum said treatment was ‘simple’ and urges Aussie doctors to perform it too

A seven-year-old girl’s life-threatening peanut allergy has been cured by a ‘simple’ procedure in the United States.

Catherine Sly’s daughter Zalia went into anaphylactic shock when she was just four after eating peanuts.

After years of research, the Queensland family recently visited a doctor in the US so Zalia could receive oral immunotherapy.

She is now able to eat nuts safely after the treatment, and her mother has called for it to be available in Australia.

Ms Sly said the treatment was simply done by carefully measuring out peanut powder, and mixing it in a water syringe.

‘The first day in the clinic we started at a very, very small dose and then every 20 minutes it increased,’ she told 7 News.

‘If she had of had a reaction or any sort of symptoms it would have stopped at that point.’

Zalia remained unharmed by the treatment aside from a few stomach aches.

Ms Sly said Zalia then visited the clinic everyday, where a doctor would increase her dosage: ‘He just increased it and increased it, up until the level that we’re at now,’ she said.

Initially, doctors said the treatment could take up to six weeks to be deemed effective, but Zalia only required four-and-a-half weeks of treatment in the US.

Ms Sly is now calling for Australian doctors to perform the same or similar treatments.

Between five and 10 per cent of Australian children have food allergies.

‘It is really, really simple. I don’t understand why it can’t be done over here by our doctors,’ she said

‘All you’ve got to do is buy peanuts or buy a bottle of milk at the supermarket, it’s not really expensive for prescriptions or anything like that. It’s literally just measuring out a really small amount of food’.

After arriving back home in Queensland, Zalia is continuing the immunotherapy, and now follows a plan the doctor set out for her, which outlines the time and amount to increase …read more

Source:: Daily Times


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Mother CURES her daughter’s peanut allergy with a simple treatment

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