Rolfy Cruz is now accused by National Police in the Dominican Republic in connection with the ambushing and shooting of former Boston Red Sox great David Ortiz.

Rolfy Cruz also goes by the names Rolfy Ferreyra Cruz and the nickname “Sandy.”

The news came after two other men were rounded up and arrested as police continue to investigation why a gunman jumped off a motorcycle and fired a bullet into the bakc of Ortiz as he gathered with friends inside a Dominican Republic club.

This is Rolfy Ferreyra Cruz, alleged to have shot ⁦@davidortiz⁩
A group of people were allegedly paid 400,000 pesos ($7,600 USD) for the hit.#wcvb

— Shaun Chaiyabhat (@ShaunWCVB) June 12, 2019

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Police Rounded up Five Suspects in the Shooting & the Gunman Was Paid to Shoot Ortiz

Oliver Mirabal

News of the arrest of Rolfy Cruz came after other arrests in the shooting of the famous baseball player. Police Maj. Gen. Ney Aldrin Bautista Almonte said in a press conference on June 12 that the triggerman was paid for the shooting – about $7,800, according to the Associated Press. They haven’t specified a motive, although they previously discounted robbery as a possibility.

Oliver Mirabal, who has alleged ties to a drug trafficking gang, was accused of being the second suspect under arrest in the ambush-style shooting of baseball great David Ortiz. His full name is Oliver Moisés Mirabal Acosta.

There was also another man who was arrested at the scene; Eddy Feliz Garcia was earlier identified as one of two suspects in the shooting of David Ortiz. However, Garcia was not accused of being the shooter.

Dominican Police scheduled to address the media today after reports of additional arrests in the shooting of David Ortiz, including a man identified by local media as Oliver Mirabal, The first man arrested, identified as Eddy Vladimir Feliz Garcia, was the motorcycle driver.

— Marly Rivera (@MarlyRiveraESPN) June 12, 2019

A leading Dominican newspaper is reporting that five suspects were arrested. According to AP, a sixth suspect is being pursued, but authorities now think they have the person who pulled the trigger in custody.

2. One of the Other Suspects Has Ties to a Drug Lord, Reports Say

Video muestra el momento en que arrestan a Oliver Moisés Mirabal …read more



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