New Delhi: Everyone has a specific environment that they call fall asleep in. Some people can fall asleep no matter how noisy or how bright their surroundings are, while some need pin-drop silence and an absolutely dark room to sleep in. Some people like to keep a night lamp or the contemporary USB lights on, in case they wake up in the night to use the loo or to drink water. However, a recent and first of its kind study has found a link between sleeping in artificial light and weight gain.

The research, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, has found an association between exposure to artificial light at night while sleeping, and weight gain in women. The study suggests that cutting back on artificial light can reduce the chances of women becoming obese. If you want to avoid the risk of being obese or want to control the weight gain you have been going through, here are some alternatives to artificial light that you can use instead.

Train yourself to sleep with no light

Just like you have trained your mind and body to fall asleep to faint light or a night lamp, or the light or sound from a TV, you can train your mind and body to fall asleep without any light. According to the National Sleep Foundation, light plays a very important role in regulating sleep and your biological clock and sleeping in any sort of light may not be the best for your sleep. Another study has proven that sleeping with any light on is linked with poor sleep, and frequent waking up in the middle of the night. Therefore, not just weight gain, sleeping in light can cause other problems as well and one should refrain from it.

Switch on the lights outside

You can use the light from the balcony or the one in the room outside instead of artificial light in your room. It can serve as a night lamp by bringing in the faint light if you just cannot sleep without a little light in the room.

Disconnect from screens about an hour before

Exposure to screens before going to sleep deteriorates the quality of sleep, according to a study. You may be able to fall asleep without a night lamp or any light, but exposure to screens before sleep can increase your need for the light to fall asleep. Put away all screens like laptops, TVs, smartphones, …read more

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5 alternative ways to artificial light for better sleep without putting yourself at a risk of weight gain | Health Tips and News

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