Bethenny Frankel completely lost it on The Real Housewives of New York City Wednesday night, after getting mad at Luann de Lesseps for not checking in on her after her fiancé, Dennis Shields, died.

The housewives have been slowly getting more agitated with de Lesseps for focusing only on herself and, while at dinner, Frankel had had enough with the “intolerable” de Lesseps.

“Do you understand that I did your intervention and my ex-fiancé died of an overdose? And you haven’t checked in on me. Do you understand? I did your intervention while my guy died of a drug overdose,” Frankel said, inches from de Lesseps face. Frankel added, “You haven’t asked how I am. Hi. He died. He’s in the ground.”

Frankel insisted that de Lesseps has not been there for her, and has not bothered to ask her how she is after losing Shields. Frankel even pointed out that the only thing de Lesseps cares about is her cabaret show.

“Life is not a cabaret. It’s actually not a cabaret,” screamed Frankel.

The ladies were in public, at a restaurant, where it was clear that they were turning a lot of heads. It was dinner with a show for the innocent bystanders as Frankel’s anger escalated.

“Everyday it’s about you. Every f***ing day it’s about you. Every f***ing second it’s about you. Oh, ‘because I didn’t get a massage,’ cause you’re an a**hole that didn’t even have lunch with us today. But you go look at your own poster,” Frankel told de Lesseps, who replied, “I went for a swim at the beach, for God’s sake.”

Frankel’s breathing began to get very shallow as she revealed, “I had lawyers come to your house on a Sunday. I spoke to your kids. I sat outside in your driveway to make sure that you didn’t drive your car. You almost crashed the car and killed your friends. You were running in a field in a negligee and had to be taken in cop cars, and I made sure that they didn’t record it so you didn’t ultimately get arrested.”

Frankel began to slap the table as she explained, “You left the f***ing rehab I got you for free two weeks early.” Frankel then lost it as she screamed, “It was cabaret! You’re a sicko! For cabaret, you left rehab? I got it for free. You’re sick.”

As Frankel began to hyperventilate, Dorinda Medley warned her that she was …read more

Source:: Daily Times


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Bethenny Frankel completely loses it and goes off on Luann de Lesseps

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