Umpires go for a look…

…while the rain continues to patter down. The wicket is are fairly dry, TV says, but the run-off of water around the square remains an issue.

Trent Bridge, right now

Pitch inspection in five minutes, for which I am not optimistic.

While it’s raining…

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Speaking of rain, the hover cover is back on, followed by the sheets, at Trent Bridge.

‘Man in the black T-shirt please move’

The Indian fans are out in force again in Nottingham, which gives me more than enough reason to share this Tim Wigmore gem with you all…

On the corner of Clayton Street, there are railings outside The Oval. This is the only place outside the ground where you can watch cricket for free.

“You can see the batsman or the bowler,” laughs Manesh Chintala, an Indian supporter who travelled from Staines this morning.


Manesh did not have a ticket. After rushing to the box office, where he was informed that there were no returns – and even if there were, they would be available to buy online, not in person – he did a tour of the ground, hoping to find someone with a spare, even if it meant paying well over face value.

Then, he found this spot. As India amass 352 with clinical efficiency, a few dozen Indian fans are here, on tiptoes. Those at the front pull on the ICC’s banner, nestled unhelpfully on the inside of the railings. What they are doing could most accurately be described as watching an already obscured view of cricket through a red banner.

Pitch inspection at 10:30…

Some cautious words from the TV pundits about the conditions – “a little bit greasy” was the standout observation – and there’s plenty of water being brushed off the covers. Sourav Ganguly says he “doesn’t seem it happening very soon”, and who am I to doubt him?

The state of play

Here’s how the gargantuan group stage picture looks ahead of play at Trent Bridge.

Good morning

Something has to give. The last two unbeaten teams in the Cricket World Cup – India and New Zealand – meet at Trent Bridge today, having won five out of five between them so far.

Two-time world champions champion India have won six of their last seven …read more

Source:: Daily Times


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India vs New Zealand, Cricket World Cup 2019: live score and latest updates from Trent Bridge

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