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Ahead of Microsoft’s massive partner conference next week, partners were protesting a new policy that would charge them for using the tech titan’s software to run their own businesses.
A Microsoft exec had told Business Insider that the company couldn’t afford to supply their partners with software anymore in a cloud-first world and that they’d need to pay up “just like every other customer.”
But as the controversy and protests grew, with over 6,000 people signing an internet petition, Microsoft bowed to the pressure and reversed course.
The company will not start charging its partners to use its software, a vice president said in a blog post.
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After some 6,000 people signed an Internet petition in a matter of day angrily demanding that Microsoft not take away a valuable perk — resellers’ rights to use Microsoft software — Microsoft has bowed to the pressure and reversed course.

On Friday, the day before its annual partners conference, where thousands of partners will descend on Las Vegas to learn how they can make money by helping the tech giant sell its wares, Microsoft cancelled the policy.

The company had been planning on doing away with the perk that was included to those that pay an annual subscription to be part of its official sales channel. As of July 1, 2020, the tech titan was going to stop allowing its partners to use Microsoft software internally to run their own business for free as part of their subscription.

“In announcing these changes it’s clear Microsoft is going to war with its partners,” the petition reads, in part. The author of the petition calculated that even a small partner with 15 people that uses Microsoft’s Dynamics to manage its customer interactions would suddenly be on the hook to pay Microsoft $2400 a month. Under the old system, these partners got free software as part of their annual subscriptions. Those subscriptions ranged from $475 a year for small partners to $4,730 a year for its gold-level partners.

Microsoft had for decades allowed business partners to use its software internally, and even provided them with technical support, because it made business sense. They wanted partners to know and customize the Microsoft software that they sold, just like they would do for Microsoft customers. In the tech world, this is called eating your own dog food.

But in light of the uproar, channel VP …read more

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Microsoft bows to the backlash and will not start charging its sales partners to use its software (MSFT)

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