Tropical Storm Barry is moving closer to Louisiana, possibly bringing torrential rain to an already flooded state. The storm is expected to hit the coast late on Friday or early Saturday. The best way to track the storm’s movement is through live streams and live radars. We have a collection below that you can watch in order to keep track of the storm’s movements. Some streams may go down periodically, so this post will be updated with new streams as needed. The first video above is a live radar from NBC News.

Live Radars & Coverage

The storm could bring as much as 10 to 20 inches of rain. The storm is moving slowly. As of 10 a.m. Central, it was moving 5 mph. The slow movement could bring about more flooding once it makes landfall. The video below is from Shoals Weather.

According to NOAA, the storm was at 28.2 N and 90.4 W as of 10 a.m. Central, and 100 miles southwest of the Mississippi River. Maximum sustained winds were 65 mph.

Below, WWLTV has live coverage.

Hurricane warnings are in effect for the Intracoastal City to Grand Isle, and Tropical Storm warnings are in effect for the mouth of the Pearl River to Grand Isle, for Intracoastal City to Cameron, and for Lake Pontchartrain and Lake Maurepas, including metropolitan New Orleans. Hurricane watches, tropical storm watches, and storm surge watches and warnings are also in effect.

Here is live coverage from wxTV including radars mixed with shots of roads and beaches in the path of the storm.

Tropical force winds extend up to 175 miles from the center of the storm.

And below is a hurricane camera in New Orleans provided by CCC Live. This periodically goes down, so we’re providing it as long as it lasts.

The storm’s 65 mph winds as of 10 a.m. Central aren’t strong enough for hurricane status, although it still might strengthen to a Category 1 before landfall. The main concern from this storm is flooding damage as opposed to wind damage.

NOAA estimated that parts of Louisiana and the Mississippi coast might see as much as 20 inches of rain, along with flash flooding.

Barry is currently predicted to land west of New Orleans, which would put the city in the areas where rains fall the most from tropical storms, The …read more



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Tropical Storm Barry: Live Radar, Satellites & Streams to Track Storm

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