A new study on the impact craters found on Mars’ surface has suggested that if the planet once harbored water, then it could have experienced a “mega-tsunami” that shaped the planet.

The new study has analyzed a meteor crater called Lomonosov, this crater is 75 miles deep and is the same height as the estimated depth of the ocean. This crater also strongly resembles similar marine impact sights on Earth, which has led scientists to believe that a specific impact site might of resulted in ” mega-tsunami” that plowed across Mars’ surface.

It should be noted that the scientists do caution that there is no definitive proof that Mars once contained water, or better yet, oceans much like ours billions of years ago. They say that more data would be required to be able to confirm that, but if that is true and the Lomonsov theory lines up with new found data, then scientists could truly be onto something in regards to the history of our neighboring red planet.

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Source:: Daily Times


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New study suggests that a ‘mega-tsunami’ once shaped Mars

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