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Robert joins Lulu at Charlie’s and informs her that Dante has been moved to a different facility for his own protection and his re-programming has been indefinitely postponed. Scorpio doubts he’ll be back in the foreseeable future but promises they can get through this. He leaves her in tears. Across the room, Willow gets a text from Chase saying he will be late. She spots Lulu weeping and sits with her. Lulu starts telling her how hard it is to build a life with a cop. They get dangerously righteous and you must constantly pray they won’t die when they leave for work. Even with that, Lulu still doesn’t regret marrying Dante. The women admire each other’s strength and how heroic they are. Lulu offers to get her publicity for her story in The Invader. After Willow tells her about taking control of her life, Lulu gets inspired and leaves.

Peter drops by Crimson looking for Maxie. She tells him about Sasha collapsing and how much work she has to do on her own now. Once she stops rambling, they kiss. She beats herself up for involving herself so much in Lulu and Nina’s relationships and worries she will fail at organizing the wedding. He gives her a pep talk and they kiss. Robert walks in and sneers at her for making out with the man who made Dante worse. Maxie defends Peter, but Robert is sure she will regret crossing the ‘dirtbag’s’ path. After Robert leaves, Peter tells Maxie he understands his position. She insists that he’s transcended his father’s influence. She accepts him and so does most of her family. Lulu arrives and Peter exits. Lulu announces she’s refusing to accept the divorce, but won’t fight it in court.

Chase shows up at the hospital and Liz tells him that Cam is in the warehouse district. They leave to find him.

At 721 Dewitt, Franco tells Cameron that he’s a good guy. He asks him to let Liz know he loves her and will be back. Chained Cam screams as Cabot injects Franco with something and fastens a device to his head. They watch the status bar inch along on the computer and Shiloh threatens to tape bellowing Cam’s mouth shut. Curtis and Drew burst in with their guns out, pummel Shiloh and demand that Cabot stop the procedure. He explains it can’t be stopped. If Franco regains consciousness, he …read more

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Shiloh Is Arrested but It Might Be Too Late for Franco

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