Though climate change may eventually change the world as we know it, for now, summer must end. As it does every year the humidity eventually relents. The temperature begins to chill. That perpetual coat of sweat over our bodies evaporates. Leaves change color, and everything becomes pumpkin-flavored.

With this change, we say goodbye to what was ” Hot Girl Summer” – three months of living without permission, thanks to a perfect phrase from a Houston-born, up-and-coming rapper – and welcome the newest, least expected seasonal meme. Perhaps sensing our need for an inspiring autumnal lifestyle, the internet gods have blessed us with ” Christian Girl Autumn.”

Christian Girl Autumn stems from a simple tweet consisting of those three words captioning a photo of two brunettes with identical hair, makeup, and big scarves. Its message for the season is not that of self-love, no matter your color or size. Much unlike Hot Girl Summer’s insistence of every person’s hotness, Christian Girl Autumn stands for much of what pop culture resents.

This fall’s iconic “girl” is one of conservative conformity.

Yet this meme has represents much more than that homogeneity suggested by the women’s matching looks. Twitter has also made the image a symbol of political myopia, the social hypocrisy of a certain group of Christians, and the country’s push-and-pull around race and sexuality. For anyone looking to project their frustrations with these concepts onto something, Christian Girl Autumn came just in time.

These themes are beginning to change, however, as one of the women pictured is taking back control of her narrative. And in doing so, Christian Girl Autumn has incited a deeper reflection upon image culture at large, and why we react to certain people in the way we do.

Christian Girl Autumn exists only because of Hot Girl Summer

To fully comprehend the eruption of Christian Girl Autumn is to understand how the last few months became known as Hot Girl Summer.

The term was popularized by Megan Thee Stallion, a rapper who released her first full-length album, Fever, in May. Megan refers to herself as “H-town hottie” or “Hot Girl Meg” online, and her fans are called “hotties.” It was actually one of her fans who coined the term ” hot girl summer ” on Twitter in mid-May, and bolstered by the opening to Megan’s song “Cash Shit” (“Real hot girl shit,” it goes), “Hot Girl Summer” soon became a revolution. …read more

Source:: Daily Times


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Christian Girl Autumn was about mocking white women. Then they stole the joke.

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