Nintendo’s updated version of the Switch, or the Switch V2 as some retailers refer to it, started showing up on store shelves in early August. We were curious to get our hands on the new device to see how it compared with the original, so we went out and bought a Switch V2 as soon as possible.

If you place the original Nintendo Switch and the new Nintendo Switch model side by side, it’s almost impossible to tell the differences between the two units without looking at model numbers. They look almost identical to each other and operate almost exactly the same. The big difference is that the new model lets you play up to nine hours, a vast improvement from the originals ability to only reach up to six and a half hours. Curious to know what other differences there are? Here’s what we found.

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Is the new model designed differently from the original?

(Left) New 2019 Switch model. (Right) Original Switch model.

Outwardly, the only difference aside from the new model number was the fresh look of the Joy-Cons and main console. I’ve used my original Switch for hundreds if not thousands of hours so it looks a little worn down in comparison.

If you were to remove the shell around the main console and compare the interior with the original Switch, you’d see some slight changes, but it’s the same for the most part. The biggest changes take place with the system-on-chip (SoC) and the NAND memory or flash storage. However, I didn’t notice a significant change in loading times or game play while I was using the new Switch.

Are the screens different?

Original Switch on top, new Switch below.

Now that it’s been revealed that Sharp is working with Nintendo to produce new Switch panels, I was curious to see if the screen on the new Switch included any of Sharp’s technology. I placed my original console and the Switch V2 side by side and brought up the same screens. From what I could see it looks like the new Switch V2’s screen is slightly brighter and gives off more of a warm color than the original’s screen. It’s really not that noticeable, though. Otherwise, the resolution between the two devices appeared to be the same. Additionally, when we opened the console up we didn’t find a Sharp logo anywhere. I’m pretty confident …read more

Source:: Daily Times


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Here are the changes between the original Switch and the new Switch model

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