Probably the most exciting part of No Man’s Sky Beyond, at least for me, is the ability to tame and ride some of the alien life that populates the planets. For those familiar with Ark: Survival Evolved, taming probably sounds both daunting and easy. Taming in No Man’s Sky Beyond does have some similarities, but lacks the knock-out feature of vanilla Ark taming. That’s probably for the better.

How to Tame Creatures in No Man’s Sky

VG24/7 and Android Central have great guides on how to tame creatures in No Man’s Sky Beyond. Here’s a spoiler, it involves a lot of bait. There are a lot of guides on this, and a lot of them give different orders of operations. So some important information to get out of the way: Scanning a creature shows you the bait that you need.

Scanning the creature you wish to tame is probably the most important take away here because at least with that information, you can move forward and get the other steps on your own. The required baits will show up in your catalog and cooking products.

You will need: Creature Pellets, Nutrient Processor, Faecium, Harvestable Plants

First, observe the weird alien creature you wish to tame. Feed it a Creature Pellet and scan it while it’s eating to see what kind of bait you need.

Feeding a creatures causes it to drop Faecium. Which is just No Man’s Sky’s way of saying it poops. Gather the Faecium. You need it for bait. Try not to think too much about that.

At this point it kind of depends on the type of bait. Most of them will require you to harvest plants and combine them in the Nutrient Processor with the Faecium to create the required bait. Throwing the bait out will attract the animal. At which point, if the creature is large enough to mount, you’ll be given an on screen prompt.

And there you go! You have a tamed mount. A few parting notes on the matter: not all creatures can be ridden. You cannot take mounts to other planets. Now get out there to tame and milk all the aliens in the procedurally generated universe.

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No Man’s Sky Beyond | How to Tame and Mount Creatures

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