Oh man, what a week for the Oakland Raiders. After the first week of training camp, everything made it seem like the team was headed in the right direction. The only thing that was causing concern was the sidelining of star wide receiver Antonio Brown. Brown not participating wasn’t thought to be anything too serious and he hit the practice field after only missing a couple of sessions. Well, things went downhill after he posted a picture of what was happening to his feet.

The blistered, peeling, grotesque mess that Brown would’ve called his feet took the internet by storm. Upon examination of the photo, former NFL quarterback Chris Simms reported that Brown must’ve suffered from frostbite because of the misuse of a cryotherapy machine. Turns out, Simms was dead on. Shortly after, Brown disappeared from Napa to see a foot specialist and then there was no more word on the subject. That was until rumors came out that he was ghosting the Raiders.

That report seems to have been untrue, but a new controversy quickly followed once ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Brown was filing a grievance against the NFL because of their new helmet rules. A media storm followed and NFL Network’s Mike Silver aired out a ton of Brown’s dirty laundry. Most notably, he reported that Brown has already started to frustrate his new team. This, of course, brought on waves of media hate. Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports called Jon Gruden an idiot. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith said that Brown was childish and many more pundits weighed in.

While it was hard to defend Brown and the Raiders amid the storm, things seem to have cleared up very quickly. The wide receiver is already back in Napa and he’s moved on from the helmet controversy. Hard Knocks didn’t make the Raiders look as bad as they could’ve and Gruden said he didn’t agree with a lot of the reports that came out. It may be impossible to know what exactly has been happening behind the scenes, but the controversy doesn’t seem like it’s having a lasting effect on the team. Brown …read more

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Things Return to Normal for Antonio Brown & Raiders After Hectic Week

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