Tonight is the eighth episode of Yellowstone Season 2. After tonight there are only two episodes left. This is a live recap and review of “Behind Us Only Grey.” This article will have spoilers for the episode.

The synopsis for tonight’s episode reads: “John and Rip seek revenge; Monica ponders the consequences of her living situation; Jimmy clears old debts.”

And here we go.

The episode starts with another beautiful Montana landscape. Then we move to the bunkhouse, where everyone is getting ready to start their day. Kayce tells Jamie to come with him so they can talk about chores. When asked if he forgives him, Kayce says: “You’re my brother, Jamie.”

Beth, meanwhile, is struggling to figure out a way to hide all the bruises and bleeding on her face. She goes to Rip’s room to visit him while he recovers from a gunshot wound and kisses his cheek.

Cut to the beautiful Yellowstone intro that never gets old. They did a great job with this sequence.

Looks like Monica and Tate are enjoying breakfast with John and Kayce. That’s kind of sweet. 🙂 Beth joins them and she looks TERRIBLE. OK, Monica is now figuring out that the problem last night wasn’t wolves, I’m betting.

Poor Beth is so beaten up she can’t even eat regular food. She asks for a smoothie with ice cream and vodka, and honestly who can blame her.

I’ll skip the ice cream, but I fully support the Beth Dutton recipe. #YellowstoneTV

— audra maus (@AudraMaus) August 15, 2019

John joins her outside the ranch. Beth is worried about telling Jason’s parents that he’s dead, but John says that Beth is his concern, not Jason’s family.

Rainwater arrives on the property and talks about how his ancestors hunted and slept on the Duttons’ property long before John Dutton’s family moved in and claimed the land for themselves.

Jenkins sees Beth on the porch. “Did the Becks do that to you?” Beth tells him her face was just the appetizer. “I’m sorry,” Jenkins says. They talk for a few moments. Jenkins tells John that the Becks put him out of business and Rainwater says they threatened him too.

So the Becks made a big mistake. Dutton, Rainwater, and Jenkins are now joining forces against the Becks.

Rainwater reminds them that their paths will always collide and they still have opposing views. But they’re now all facing an enemy who doesn’t play …read more



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‘Yellowstone’ Season 2 Episode 8 Recap & Review: The War Is Just Beginning

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