Mattel is releasing a limited-edition “Day of the Dead” Barbie in celebration of the Mexican holiday Día de Muertos.

Día de Muertos, otherwise known as the “Day of the Dead”, is a traditional holiday commemorated throughout Mexico during which people honour the lives of loved ones who have passed away.

The image of the skull has become a recognisable part of the celebration, with people painting their faces with ornate “sugar skull” designs as they observe the occasion.

The new “Day of the Dead” Barbie doll, which is being released on Thursday 12 September, is a female figure which has been designed with “sugar skull” face paint, a decorative headdress and a traditional, black, floral, Mexican dress.

Mattel, the toy manufacturing company which owns Barbie, confirmed that the Barbie is available to purchase for $75 (£60) at Walmart, Target and

The headdress being worn by the Barbie is adorned with monarch butterflies.

Millions of monarch butterflies migrate from Canada and the US to Mexico on an annual basis, hence their significance on the doll’s accessory.

Butterflies are also featured on the Barbie’s dress, alongside a colourful floral pattern.

Last year, thousands of people took part in the Día de Muertos parade in Mexico City.

The first official “Day of the Dead” parade in Mexico City took place in 2016 and was attended by a quarter of a million people.

While Día de Muertos has been commemorated in various iterations in Mexican culture for centuries, no official parade took place in the Mexican capital until 2016.

The Mexican government decided to introduce the parade to Mexico City following the popularity of the 2015 James Bond film Spectre, which featured a Día de Muertos parade in the city in its opening sequence.

To learn more about Día de Muertos, click here.

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Source:: Daily Times


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A special ‘Day of the Dead’ Barbie is launching today

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