Mozilla is working with Cloudflare on bringing a custom-designed VPN solution, available as an add-on for Firefox, easily accessible from the main toolbar.
The Firefox Private Network is already available for desktop users within the US borders, free-of-charge while in beta.
The primary role of this Firefox built-in VPN is to encrypt your Web browsing data, and not to unblock any region-based Web services.

During the previous year, Mozilla has been working extra hard on enhancing its Firefox browser. Currently taking around 9% of the global market share, things aren’t looking well for this Web browser. However, a series of highly innovative features have been presented recently, drawing some much-needed attention to Firefox. We’re talking about a secure file-sharing service (Firefox Send) and this browser’s own password manager (Firefox Lockbox). However, the most interesting tidbits were related to an ad-free Web browsing, as well as Firefox’s interest in VPNs. And now, called Firefox Private Network, this built-in VPN solution is available for beta testing.

We’re sure that you have many questions about this new VPN service. After all, it’s going to attract a lot of attention since it’s available free-of-charge (for now). So, let’s see what the Firefox Private Network is all about, what to expect from this VPN, as well as how to use it via your Firefox browser. Here’s what you need to know.

What is The Firefox Private Network?

Just like any VPN solution, the Firefox Private Network is designed to encrypt and safeguard your Web browsing data. In other words, it’s designed to keep you anonymous online. With this said and according to Mozilla’s announcement of this VPN service, the Firefox Private Network comes with two primary roles.

First of all, this VPN helps you encrypt your Web data. This means that as soon as you launch and enable this add-on, all your Web data will become encrypted (scrambled). This makes the Firefox Private Network an interesting solution if you often connect to open and public Wi-Fi networks.

Then, this VPN is also designed to limit what websites and advertisers know about you. Since your ‘real’ location will be hidden, third parties online will see your ‘virtual’ location only. By not having access to your digital footprint and other personal data, advertisers won’t be able to track you specifically.

Finally, we should also note two more things. First, the Firefox Private Network is currently in beta. This means that this VPN isn’t in its …read more

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Mozilla Launches Firefox Private Network VPN – Available in Beta!

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