Now that Spencer James has a state championship win under his belt, you’d probably expect him to ride the high of that football game for weeks, right?

Well, All American’s Season 2 premiere had other plans for Spencer, quickly killing the buzz of Beverly High’s latest victory. Let’s recap the events of Monday’s sophomore debut:

* The CW drama ended its first season with a major cliffhanger: Who is the real father of Spencer’s younger brother, Dillon? Is it Corey, Spencer’s dad – or is it Billy Baker, with whom Spencer’s mom had a brief affair years ago? When Corey and Grace finally get some alone time to discuss this, Grace confesses that she doesn’t know who Dillon’s real father is. She was always afraid to broach that topic after her affair with Billy, and after Corey bailed on the family for eight years, she didn’t think he deserved an answer. Corey’s a little offended by this, but Grace insists that Spencer and Dillon are her boys, not his, and asks him to leave.

Later, after Grace and Corey’s tempers have cooled, they try once more to discuss Dillon’s paternity – and just when Grace agrees to get a test done, Corey counters that they should leave well enough alone. Back when Corey thought Grace knew who Dillon’s father was, it seemed like a necessary piece of information; now that he knows she’s in the dark, he doesn’t think it’d do any good to learn the truth. Corey loves Dillon regardless of their blood relation, and Dillon is under the blissfully ignorant impression that his biological father is back in his life. Why mess with that? Grace agrees, and it seems like a pleasant conclusion to this storyline.

But of course it isn’t. Even as Dillon’s paternity remains a question mark, the show introduces another mysterious family matter: At the end of the episode, Corey heads to the bus station and picks up a strapping young man, whose name and relationship to Corey aren’t revealed. “How was your ride up from Nevada?” Corey asks. “Long,” the anonymous visitor replies. “Man, thanks for convincing Mom to let me come stay with you.” They share a loving hug – and I have so many questions.

* Spencer continues to consider his dad’s offer to play football at South Crenshaw. At first, it seems like a no-brainer: How could he pass up the chance to come back home …read more

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All American Season Premiere Recap: Beverly Hills, That’s Where I Want to Be

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