Hall of Fame basketball coach Jim Cahoun has been named in a Title IX lawsuit filed by the former associate athletic director at the University of Saint Joseph.

According to a complaint filed on Wednesday and first reported by the Connecticut Law Tribune, Jaclyn Piscitelli of New Britain was subjected to unfair treatment in a “male-dominated” environment and specifically noted several instances involving Calhoun, assistant coach Glen Miller, former athletic director Bill Cardarelli and others.

Piscitelli was fired on June 21 and replaced by Josh Ingram.

In one alleged incident in late May or early June, 2019, the suit states Calhoun referred to another female SJU employee, Mary Cooper, as a “bitch” and said “when Mary asks me what to do with work I hand her, I want to tell her to ‘shove it up her (expletive).”

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Jim Calhoun PDF (Text)

Saint Joseph became a co-ed school two years ago and added men’s basketball last year. Calhoun was named the program’s first coach.

“Beginning almost immediately after Calhoun and Miller began their full-time employment with Defendant, the athletic department became a male-dominated, hostile work environment,” Piscitelli said in the complaint. “Defendant permitted Calhoun and Miller to transform the work environment in the athletic department to one that was openly hostile and disdainful toward women and where women were treated as second class citizens.”

Among other claims, Piscitelli alleges that she was treated unequally workload increased dramatically because of the institution of the new men’s sports teams, but a request for help was denied, while the school’s Sports Information Director, a man, was given a new assistant and intern.

Calhoun, Piscitelli alleges, forced her to clean up coffee pods after he knocked them on the ground, remarking that his wife would do so if it happened at home; required her to open his office door on multiple occasions and referred to her as “certainly hot.”

Miller, she alleges, made “numerous inappropriate comments” to her, including “criticizing her for not being cheerful or smiling enough.”

Cardarelli and Vice President of Student Affairs Ken Bedini failed to address her concerns, Piscitelli said.

Bedini, she said, reacted over the corse of her complaints “in such a way as to suggest that Plaintiff was causing trouble by opposing sexist conduct in the workplace” and told her she should not return to the unversity for the next academic year.

Piscitelli said she was terminated from her position on June 21. Bedini told her at the …read more

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Jim Calhoun named in sex discrimination lawsuit

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