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Warning: There are major spoilers ahead for “Doctor Sleep.”
Warner Bros. adaptation of Stephen King’s 2013 sequel to “The Shining” is in theaters and it features many changes from the book.
“Doctor Sleep” is a sequel to the original horror movie that follows the grownup Danny (played by Ewan McGregor) who meets others who have similar powers, referred to as “shine,” as they face a dangerous cult, the “True Knot,” set on acquiring their powers.
From some huge character omissions to a completely different ending, Insider rounds up the biggest departures the movie makes from King’s best-seller.
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Danny’s visit with Dick Hallorann at the film’s start is completely different.

In the book: Wendy (Dan’s mother) asks the Overlook Hotel’s chef, Dick Hallorann, to visit with Dan (the young boy from the original who’s now an adult) to help him work through trauma he’s experiencing from his stay there in “The Shining.” Dan has been seeing ghosts from the hotel, mostly the naked woman from room 217.

Hallorann tells Danny about his sadist grandfather and teaches him how to lock the spirits in trap boxes within his mind.

In the movie: Wendy never calls for Hallorann. Instead, he appears as a ghost who young Danny briefly speaks with to learn about the magical lock boxes he can store with spirits in his head.

Danny Torrence is in a different state when we first meet him.

In the book: Danny is introduced to us as he wakes up in Wilmington, North Carolina, after a drunken night with a woman, Deenie, he met at a bar.

In the movie: For whatever reason, Danny’s now in New Jersey.

Deenie’s child doesn’t constantly haunt Danny as he does in the book.

In the book: When Danny wakes up in Deenie’s bed and discovers he’s missing $500, he decides to take the money Deenie has left in her purse. On his way out of the apartment, Danny spots a toddler, Tommy, with a bruised arm standing by a few lines of coke. The child cries out, believing it to be candy saying, “Canny. Mama.”

Danny picks up the child and brings him to his mother. It’s something that continuously haunts him throughout the book, especially because he later surmises that Tommy died at the hands of his abusive uncle and Deenie took her life as a result.

In the movie: Danny spots Tommy, but he’s never near a table full of …read more

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The 10 biggest changes between the ‘Doctor Sleep’ movie and the best-selling Stephen King book

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