Cupertino based Apple Inc was very serious about the iPad Pro. Apple perhaps put more effort into branding the iPad Pro as a replacement for computers than they put in the iPhone 11. For years the company showcased the iPad Pro as not just a computer, but the computer. The only computer you will ever need.

An advertisement by Apple two years ago showed a young woman using an iPad Pro who didn’t even know what a computer was. One could even argue that the brand put so much of time into hyping the iPad, that the much more eligible competitor, the Macbook seemed neglected.

All that changed last week and it seems Apple has finally called quits on the iPad Pro dream. “We believe the best personal computer is a Mac, and we want to keep going down that path. And we think the best tablet computing device is an iPad, and we’ll go down that path,” said Phil Schiller to CNET. He also insisted that if your kids used Chromebooks, they’d fail at school.

He further added that “iPad benefits because we assume that you need to be able to do most everything with touch, and we don’t have to trade off on that experience. Mac assumes you want to do most everything with a keyboard and mouse input. We don’t have to trade off on that path.”

Apple also recently released a new 16-inch Macbook Pro, which shows that the brand is now indeed focusing on the Macbooks too.

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Source:: Daily Times


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Apple finally gave up on insisting the iPad Pro is a computer

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