Cole Habersham, an account director at ad agency R/GA, posted an agency salaries spreadsheet on Monday that mirrors one for media employees that went viral earlier this month.
Habersham said his goal was to give members of under-represented groups greater leverage when negotiating their salaries.
He said he was inspired by a fellow ad industry employee and woman of color who told him she was recently promoted but only received a cost-of-living pay raise.
Habersham also created an Instagram account to make the list more permanent and start a conversation.
As of Wednesday afternoon, the list had more than 950 entries from agencies including McCann, Wieden and Kennedy, and Edelman, and the account had more than 950 followers.
Entries ranged from an assistant account executive at Publicis New York making $40,000 to a chief strategy officer with a salary of $500,000.
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Spreadsheets, those office tools once used almost exclusively by accountants, are going viral.

After museum staffers, WeWork engineers, and reporters at media outlets across the country compared their salaries via multiple spreadsheets — including one created by Business Insider’s Meghan Morris — it was perhaps inevitable that the ad industry got its own public Google doc.

Cole Habersham, an account director at fellow IPG agency R/GA, created Real Agency Salaries over the weekend, using the same format as the media version that was covered earlier this month. His sheet also has an equivalent Google data entry form people can use.

More than 900 people have entered their salaries into the sheet in two days

Habersham published the document on Monday and colleague Corey Kindberg shared the link with his 14,000-plus Twitter followers.

following the media salary list that made the rounds a friend started one to help POC and women negotiate for a fair salary in advertising especially since diversity and inclusion is such a hot topic within the industry today

— corey kindberg (@coreykindberg) November 19, 2019

By Wednesday, it had more than 950 entries ranging from an Asian female social media coordinator at the Los Angeles offices of Laundry Service who reported making $49,800 to a chief strategy officer at an unnamed client-side organization who listed a salary at $500,000.

The sheet allows people to compare pay across disciplines. For example, account directors, art directors, and strategy directors with similar levels of experience list widely varied salaries.

The accuracy of the data in …read more

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A spreadsheet created for advertising industry employees to share their salaries is going viral

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