The FBI raided Omni in a Hellcat’s home, the YouTuber said in a November 20 video. The streamer, whose real name is Bill Omar Carrasquillo, said authorities “took everything.” Carrasquillo is the founder of Gears TV reloaded, an IPTV app for Firestick. The app allows viewers to watch premium cable content as well as sports, regardless of geographic location.

Carrasquillo told viewers in his YouTube video that he said was being filmed in a friend’s home in Philadelphia, “This ain’t clickbait. This ain’t fake, this is not fake. This is 100% real.” Carrasquillo asked his subscribers to buy his merchandise “when it drops” to help to support him. He said that his cars had been seized but that he had recently sold some of them prior to the raid. Carrasquillo listed other things that were seized including “every SD card, every camera, every television in my house.” He added, “They only thing they didn’t take was my dick because it’s attached to my balls.” Carrasquillo went on to say that agents “took Xboxes, they took computers, laptops, cellphones. They didn’t even leave drones.”

In videos published on his YouTube channel, Carrasquillo has been seen buying hundreds of thousands in diamonds. Carrasquillo has also been shown with a fleet of luxury cars. Carrasquillo said in his video regarding the raid that he is being investigated for alleged money laundering, tax violations as well as the legality of Gears TV. Since November 20, numerous users of Gears TV had been complaining on Twitter that the service was down.

Carrasquillo said in past videos that accumulated his fortune through construction and real estate. He also says that he owns several businesses, including a restaurant. In the video regarding the FBI raid, Carrasquillo blamed his problems on an unreliable accountant and urged his followers to ensure they pay their taxes.

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FBI Raid Omni in a Hellcat’s Home, the YouTuber Says

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