Did we just witness a major tragedy?

Grey’s Anatomy wrapped up the first half of its 16th season with the ominously titled “Let’s All Go to the Bar,” a jam-packed hour that ended with a shocking cliffhanger: A car plows straight through the windows of the local Seattle hangout, Joe’s Bar, leaving several major Grey’s and characters in extreme danger. With debris and glass flying everywhere and mass confusion over what just happened, did Jackson, Richard, Ben, Captain Pruitt, Levi, Nico and the rest of the interns all make it out alive? (Watch the official crossover event trailer here.)

It’s a fair question, considering Grey’s and its firefighter spinoff, Station 19, will be more intertwined than ever with executive producer Krista Vernoff taking the reins on both shows. When they return in January for the Grey’s winter premiere and Station 19’s season three launch, the aftermath of this shocking accident will be the basis for the two-hour crossover event — which leads us to believe that there may be some significant personnel changes (ahem, character deaths) ahead.

The Grey’s and Station 19 characters who were at the bar when the crash happened all arrived in the aftermath of personal dramas and conflicts: Jackson, drowning in his sorrows after a tense chat with his mother over his rebound romance with Vic; Richard, drowning in his sorrows over marital issues with Catherine; Ben, taking solace following Bailey’s heartbreaking miscarriage; Captain Pruitt, whose cancer has returned; and Levi, who snitched on Meredith in the insurance fraud fiasco, still reeling from the consequences of his actions that has since sullied his friendships with the other interns.

And then there’s the person behind the wheel who caused the accident. There’s a big question mark regarding who could possibly be responsible: Could it be someone we know? Perhaps Maggie, who had, moments earlier, abruptly quit as the cardio chief at Grey Sloan? Following Thursday’s fall finale, ET breaks down the final moments and more questions we’ll be asking until Grey’s returns.

1. Is Meredith about to have her next big love story with McWidow? After DeLuca broke things off with Meredith last episode, another man came into her life — but she didn’t know that this random Irishman would become a large part of her story moving forward until they shared a Grey’s-patented elevator moment. Nicknamed McWidow, Dr. Cormac Hayes (guest star Richard Flood) is Grey Sloan’s new chief of pediatric …read more

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‘Grey’s’: Did the Fall Finale Just Set Up Major Character Deaths?

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